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Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is a 150 MHz wide broadcast band of the 3.5 GHz band (3550 MHz to 3700 MHz) in the United States.

The Federal Communications Commission has allocated a region of the radio-frequency spectrum ranging from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz for sharing among three categories of users: incumbent users, priority licensees, and generally permitted, which is sparsely licensed. FCC first acted on the CBRS band in 2012, although the band has gained traction in recent years. For cellular and cable providers, as well as other new entrants, this band isan ideal complement to their mid-band 5G spectrum inventory.

CBRS spectrum has traditionally been reserved primarily for the Department of Defense, which utilizes it for US Navy radar activities, including ship-borne radar that operates mostly offshore. The Navy will continue to enjoy priority access to the band as an existing licensee. While the Navy will be safeguarded from interference, the FCC has permitted the sharing of unused spectrum in the band.

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