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An Overview of Telecom Space and Cloud Players

Telecom industry has created a major vital space in today's normal life and work schedule. It is evident especial- ly after the COVID-19 pandemic period that the whole world from households to offices and from schools to businesses were dependent on telecom services. And so during this period of recession also, the telecom indus- try maintained a continued growth.

Now let's flip the coin and realise its other side too. Telecommunication is making life more and more conve- nient, thus increasing expectations from customers too. Today the Telco industry is just not limited to a smart- phone but they are almost on a next level of connectivity. This means the industry has to advance more and overcome the blocking issues to achieve these goals and fulfill the demands in future.

However as the telecom sector is making constant progress by fixing additional fibers or wireless deployment to reach that level of network connectivity, we can also sense the emerging challenges and complexity they will be facing in the coming years which may influence its growth.

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