Why can't Companies Find the Right People Quickly for IT Positions?

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With businesses gradually accepting digital transformation, it has become necessary to hire an in-house team of IT professionals with the right skill set to meet the business requirement. When it comes to forming the IT team, they face several problems that need immediate attention. If not, the consequences and adversities can cause a lot for the business.

First, you won't have any team structure to hire, let alone build a solid and highly skilled in-house team. Second, you might have to outsource the technical work, which is not the best option in the long run. Apart from these, several other challenges also need to be dealt with. Keeping everything in mind, the following reasons will help you understand why companies find it so difficult to hire an IT team.


IT field is quite versatile

One of the key aspects of the IT industry is its versatility. Everyone knows that development is a core part of the IT industry, and that is completely true. If new software solutions are not developed, there is no way technologies can be incorporated into the existing infrastructures or business operations. However, it is not the only development that can help fix any problem a business faces.

If we consider the entire software development lifecycle, development is only a particular phase, not the entire process. So much other work needs to be done, like designing, migration, testing, deployment, support and maintenance, consultation, analysis and reporting, and so on. Making such a versatile team doesn't sound easy, especially for businesses with no IT operations experience.

There is a huge gap between skills and requirements

We cannot deny the fact that there is a huge gap between the business requirements and the available skill set on the market. Quite unbelievable, but you may not find employees with the right skill set you need for your business. Even if you find so, forming a strong in-house team won't be easy.

Crunch in employees skilled in new technologies

As said earlier, technology is evolving at a blazing speed. Even the sharpest minds find it difficult to keep up with such speed and continuously upgrade themselves to meet the demands. This has created a crunch in the number of employees skilled with new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, data science, etc. Therefore, it will be a huge challenge if you want any IT professional with proper hands-on skills in some of the new and disruptive technologies.


Since now you understand why companies usually cannot find the right person for the IT positions, you have to make a proper strategy for recruitment so that you can build a strong IT in-house team without having any hurdles in the process. It might not be easy at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won't have any problems. MobileComm will help you find the right solution to build your IT team with people having the right skills and talent and take your business to the next level.