5G Service Models

5G Service Models

Engineering Solutions Structured Around Use Cases

Vertical Services:
  • Key Focus on M2M/IoT using 3GPP NB-IoT.
  • Your Partner in implementing NB-IoT based Solutions:
  • NB-IoT Planning Services: Coverage Planning using Atoll, Capacity & Link Budgets for Cat-M1 (eMTC) & Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT).
  • Architecture Planning & Implementation services for implementing a M2M Solution based on NB-IoT.
  • Sensors & Application design, Implementation & Use Case Planning.
  • Vendor Selection & Procurement advice.
Fixed Wireless:
  • One of the major use case for 5G
  • Leader in Fixed Wireless Planning & Implementation:
  • Fixed Wireless Planning Services: Coverage & Propagation Planning for Sub 6 GHz & High Band (e.g. 28 GHz)
  • Access to early Trial results for 5G providing key help in Business Planning.
  • 5G Architecture design & Implementation based on NFV/SDN vision.
Small Cells & C-RAN:
  • Experienced in Planning & Implementation of Small Cell/HetNet based CRAN:
  • CRAN based HetNet planning using Multi-RAT & Co-ordination techniques.
  • E2E Architecture design for a CRAN based Network including Front haul and Baseband Hoteling
  • Access to High resolution clutter data for Small cell planning.

5G Services Spectrum

Planning, Design and Deployment Capabilities

Complete Planning Capabilities for 5G NR using:
  • NR Nominal RF Planning capability.
  • Massive MIMO Planning.
  • mmWave Planning.
  • FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) Planning.
  • 5G HetNet Analysis (Macro and Small Cells).
  • 5G In-Building Analysis.
Additional Capabilities are:
  • Coverage Predictions for Urban & Sub-Urban Case.
  • Traffic Modeling & Throughput/SINR Plots.
Advanced Capability Modelling & Impact of new Technologies:
  • 64T64R.
  • Massive MIMO Beam-Switching Antennas.
CW and Model Tuning :
  • mvWave model tuning and data collection.
Tools Expertise:
  • Atoll Forsk.
  • Aster Model for mmWave analysis.
  • Infovista Planet.
  • Planet P3M Model for mmWave analysis.
  • ASP and ACP tools for 5G NR.
  • High Resolution Clutter (5m DEM/Clutter/Clutter Heights and 3D Building and vegetation Polygon/ Vectors)

5G Services

Feature Engagement Analysis

5m based 5G NR planning & Simulation Results for Tier 1 US Operator
In-vehicle infotainment

Prediction: 5G TDD UL Mono User Throughput TDD 50:50

In-vehicle infotainment

Prediction: PDSCH SINR – 100% load

In-vehicle infotainment

Prediction: 5G TDD UL Mono User Throughput TDD 50:50

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