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Feb 2019

MobileComm Professionals Inc

MobileComm Professionals Inc. Pleased to announce their newly formed joint venture strategic partnership.


MobileComm Technologies, India

MobileComm Professionals Inc. expand its portfolio in Cellular IP Core Network domain by acquiring XplorG Core360° now mCore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Most Important Global Technology Event of the Year! The convergence of more than 1,100 exhibiting companies, dozens of industries, and over 40,000 professionals from 125 countries all working toward the common goal of revolutionizing

Rajiv Mohan Gandhi, CEO, MobileComm India shares his recent & the first Skydiving experience

Someone said, "Life is not remembered by the breaths you take, it is remembered by your experience and moments". For sheer excitement and high-speed fun, no sport comes close to skydiving.It is an indescribable thrill you won't soon forget !

Jumping off a plane followed by a free fall can be the most unparalleled experience and nothing else comes close. It gives you an opportunity to live life to its fullest. I hope to undertake this magnificent intoxication many, many more times to come. - Rajiv Mohan Gandhi

Harvinder Cheema, CEO, MobileComm USA pedals for a cure by participating in MS150 Bike Ride

Over the week of May 5-6, 2012, Mr. Harvinder Cheema along with other participants crisscrossed the roads to have fun and promote the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. The 150 miles Bike Ride started in Frisco and made its way to Texas Motor Speedway.

MobileComm Professionals, Inc. was a proud supporting sponsor for the Bike MS: SAM's CLUB Ride. For past 25 years, the SAM'S club ride organizes 100 rides nationwide and the funds they raise go towards research aimed at treating and eventually curing Multiple Sclerosis.

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