MPE Regulatory Services

MPE Regulatory Services

MobileComm's EMF Services Portfolio:
  • Multi-SP, Multiple countries Sites surveyed, Tested and compliance reports prepared nationwide.
  • In house experts on RF Radiation Safety Compliance, Theoretical modeling using FCC and SC6 regulatory standards.
  • Methodology driven Processes for performing the survey and RF Compliance Operation.
  • Training and Web based EMF compliance access to Ministries of different countries in India, Africa and Central America.
  • In House Professional Engineers ( PE).

We have certified more than 110,000 +rooftops, towers, and water tanks for RF compliance. Mobilecoom’s RF exposure compliance services include:

  • Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) Site Study Analysis and Report
  • EME Predictive Analysis Report
  • Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (NIER) Analysis Report
  • MPE Site Safety Remediation
  • Order your NIER Report here Request a Quote for MPE
  • Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) Site Study Analysis and Report For an Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) Site Study Analysis and Report, we conduct a site visit to gather MPE data using MPE measurements tools to identify hot zones and use site visit data to create and analyze an RF exposure model and provide final MPE Analysis report.
  • EME Predictive Analysis Report : An EME Predictive analysis report is typically used when Site Owner /Customer wants a more detailed and graphics-oriented report based on theoretical analysis of antenna emissions( Customer supplied information ) during new Emitters deployment or when its hard to access sites to evaluate compliance
  • Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (NIER) Analysis Report - A Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (NIER) Analysis Reportis most often used to determines FCC MPE Compliance for Utility Poles, Towers , Monopoles Using customer-supplied information, by calculating Safe distance both in horizontal and vertical planes based on workld case analysis below antennas present on site.
  • MPE Site Safety Remediation: We provide Site Safety remediation plans which contains the proper procedures for allowing access to a site, working in an RF environment, posting hazard signage, and adding additional tenants to the site. As a part of remediation , in order for a site to become compliant, we can provide signage and barrier installations as needed to ensure that the site meets all FCC and OSHA regulations.
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