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5g network services in north america

Open RAN Services And Support

MobileComm Open RAN Support & Services (MOSS) offers a traditional restricted proprietary network with end-to-end support with software and accelerated 5G Deployments and drives performance, reliability, and innovation in multi-vendor 5G Network environments. A comprehensive solution vertical, MOSS introduces a suite of turnkey services that enables an O-RAN ecosystem of vendors, mobile operators, and governments to accelerate innovation to connect to a secure world. We implement these benefits through our comprehensive service vertical encompassing I&C/O-RAN dimensioning, configuration, performance, deployments, OpenStack services, conformance & security of multi-vendor 5G networks based on O_RAN standard interfaces.

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  • MOSS – Integration and commissioning – field and operational engineering with 24X7 support
  • MOSS – Elasticity management defining framework for EM of cloud radio controllers
  • MOSS – Network and service inventory- a single repository of physical and logical network resource and service information

Private Network LTE And 5G CBRS

Design, deployment, and optimization of new wireless networks optimizing existing infrastructure and locating disruptive RF interference with an integrated CBRS Test & deployment solution. With a comprehensive roster of diverse backgrounds and experience in the telecommunication and software industry, MobileComm, as a consulting partner, provides in-depth analysis and recommendations on the technologies and strategies for deployment. 5G and LTE CBRS networks need a use case-specific design and planning strategy. We work with operators for the network changes in order to achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

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5g network services in north america
  • Evaluate network performance network KPIs, map coverage, and network issues identification to improve performance and mitigate RF interference.
  • Multiband and technology analysis - Monitoring the specific band and surrounding spectrum for real-time analysis.
  • Installation, operation, and regulatory compliance.

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Small Crlls, HETNET Planning And Design

Small Cells, HETNET Planning, And Design

MobileComm performs small cell deployment with specific targets to improve delivery timelines, decrease overall cost, and achieve quality targets. MobileComm’s centralized pool of experts is established to handle scalability, complexity, knowledge transfer, and ad hoc demands. This is empowered with MobileComm’s in-house processes and project management platform. Small cell and HETNET deployment solutions include:

  • Small cell RF survey
  • Small cell installation and integration on LTE TDD20 (2300 MHz) for all OEM’s carrier addition of TDD10(2300 MHz)
  • 4*4 and 2*2 MIMO configuration per layer
  • Indoor small cell integration for both FDD and TDD
  • HPSC/ULS sites installation and integration.
  • GPL and LMS auditing.
  • EMF submission on NEP portal
  • Data collection for all newly deployed sites
  • KPI optimization and handover to MS partner
  • Engagement consisted of RF experts, RAN experts, planning tools, drive test tools, auditing tool, project manager, project management tool

5G Macro, In-Building Planning, And Deployment

MobileComm’s 5G engineering group comprises an exhaustive combination of subject matter experts and in-house developed platforms. This solution is orchestrated towards efficient and faster 5G rollouts with use-case-driven digital design and automation-driven smart deployments. MobileComm services offer support in 5g deployment, both in macro and in-building scenarios; by mapping it with our end-to-end services to take care of teething challenges right from the beginning.

Small Crlls, HETNET Planning And Design

MobileComm services include:

  • Comprehensive network design for 5G use cases across all domains
  • The transition from 4G-LTE technology while designing 5G
  • Manage complexity with multivendor and legacy network integration
  • Efficient transition to 5G digital mode of operations
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Traffic modeling and dimensioning
  • RF propagation modeling
  • Spectrum utilization
  • Core networks design and predictive analysis
  • Transport network modeling
  • Technology rollout strategy (cloud and legacy)
  • Wi-Fi network predictive analysis

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