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Geared towards connected intelligence, Mobilecomm’s suite of innovative products facilitate enhancement in engineering productivity, efficiency and connectivity spanning the entire life cycle of network deployment endeavors.

Open Ran Overview

Accelerate Network Transformation through Disaggregation

OpenRAN or O-RAN refers to a Radio Access Network(RAN) that is open, intelligent, anddeployedona virtualized platform with high flexibility.OpenRAN is about disaggregating hardware from software: open hardware and software using standard processors with open interfaces.

O-RAN is based on standards developed by the O-RAN Alliance, a global alliance founded in 2018 by operators to define requirements and to realize the benefits of openRAN.O-RAN is built on four functional blocks:

  • Virtualized distributed unit(vDU) with O-RAN supporting remote radio units(RRUs)
  • Multiple-connections with radio-access technology(RAT) agnostic virtualized centralized unit(vCU)
  • RAN intelligent controller(RIC)
  • Centralized management and orchestration

MobileComm's End-to-End Open-RAN Solution Portfolio Drives Performance, reliability and innovation in Multi-vendor 5G Networks.

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MobileComm OpenRAN Support & Services (MOSS)

MobileComm, a leader in technology services, has introduced a suite (MOSS) of end-to-end solutions and services that enable an ecosystem of Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) vendors and mobile operators to provide services like

  • ICT / Open RAN dimensioning, Configuration
  • Performance
  • Deployments/Open Stack Services,
  • Conformance and security of multi-vendor 5G networks based on O-RAN standard interfaces.
  • Installation of Radio Cloud Host (RCH) and Radio Cloud Platform (RCP)

To offer 5G services, several MNOs are implementing cloud-native and virtualized radio access network (VRAN) architecture based on O-RAN Alliance requirements. Interoperability and performance complexity are introduced by the move to multi-vendor networks. This calls for system Integration end-to-end: call flow optimization; network protocol testing and Signalling. This ensures performance standards are reached.

MobileComm MOSS offers comprehensive testing and support services across a heterogeneous network that enable vendors and MNOs to extend the capabilities of their designs and deliver solutions that support innovative service offerings.

  • MOSS end-to-end Open RAN solution and architecture, together with a global network rollout team, provides Open RAN assistance. With a strong technical backing, our team provides on-Site and off-site services
  • Our Data Centre offers Open RAN host and cloud Based Services with complete deployment, administrative installation, and configuration for various network architecture. Our Open RAN Solution Portfolio drives performance reliability and innovation in multi-Vendor 5G networks

Integration & Commissioning MOSS Network

Our highly skilled team of engineers provide 24*7 support for field engineering and operation support services to end customer globally in keeping with MobileComm's fundamental commitment to fully comply with O-RAN standards

  • CU, O-DU, O-RU integration including RIC/Non-Real time RIC/Cloud Infrastructure/VIM/Radio
  • Cloud Platform (RCH)/Radio Cloud Platform (RCP)/Cloud Manger VNFM /VM /Data Centre Solution. Integration Project
  • OTF Workflows
  • One-click deployment
  • Near-RT RIC Cherry integration tests non-RT RIC A1-EI Verification
  • Deployment of NONRTRIC in Kubernetes O-DU high-low integration
  • DU high and low integration O-DU high tests with stubs deployment, Deployment in Kubernetes
  • O-RAN simulation support to check prior to tape out, reducing development time
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Configuration Management MOSS

  • Ensuring that Open RAN hardware and software vendors verify compliance with O-RAN specifications
  • Ensuring interoperability functions are well integrated in multi-vendor Open RAN architecture.
  • Dimensioning and configuration: any modification that has an influence on network performance may be quickly recognised since the full history of parameter changes is retained.
  • Baseline Control reports are offered to track the development of network configuration standards compliance.
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Elasticity Management MOSS

Elasticity Management: Defining the framework for elasticity management of radio controllers in the cloud

  • Scaling via hardware
  • Scaling via software
  • Research design
  • Expected outcome and results
  • Cloud-based RAN , Virtualization aspects
  • Network element virtualization
  • MobileComm OpenRAN Support & Service (MOSS)
  • – OTIC Suite

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Performance Management MOSS

  • Enables OTICs to validate conformance, interoperability and performance using tools that adhere to the O-RAN specifications with thorough, repeatable and automated processes.
  • Monitors the performance of the network and service in real time
  • Manages network capacity and service levels
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Network & Service Inventory MOSS

A single repository of physical and logical network resource and service information to Provide:

  • Network topology and service information to the Fault
  • Performance management functions: lifecycle management of network and service resources, supporting service fulfilment and plan-and-build activities
  • Capability of discovering and reconciling network resources
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Learning & Development MOSS

Enable, extend, enhance learning: Save on travel and living expenses and proceed through the training program at your own pace and place

  • Engineers Trained : 10000+
  • OEM Training Days : 7000+
  • Operators Training Days : 7400+
  • Excellent Reviews on Trainers : 97%
  • Excellent Rating on Content : 95%
  • Countries : 35
  • Repeat Telco Clients : 30
  • SME Trainers and CD Team : 35
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