Accelerate Your Private Cellular Network Through Mobilecomm

With the introduction of 5G cellular technology, the need to have a private network has accelerated to a new level.

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Accelerate Your Private Cellular Network Through MobileComm

With the introduction of 5G cellular technology, the need to have a private network has accelerated to a new level. The best part is the prospective users aren’t just organizations and businesses but also individuals. So, that being said, the first question in mind is what a private cellular network is.

Going by the textbook definition, a private cellular network is an extension of LAN, with the association of bandwidth spectrum housing shared, licensed, or unlicensed wireless frequencies. The network is supported by both 5G and LTE, offering excellent opportunities for users to explore the dimensions of having a private cellular network. The network is configured to offer exceptional support to the business requirements based on geographical location.

The only difference between the public and private cellular networks is that the user under whose name the network is licensed will have sole control of every component and element of the network. It can be the routing hardware systems, traffic management systems, or any other software technology working within that particular network and connecting it with the required frequency band. One of the main reasons the concept of having a privately owned cellular network has escalated in the commercial area is that lack of data throttling and overage fees are a concern for businesses and organizations.


Furthermore, the private network offers a high level of security because the protocols can be tailored according to the requirements. There is no need to connect with a third-party provider offering cellular services that might open the organization’s network to cyberattacks. In addition, the network gives complete control to the user, ensuring they can control the elements and other features or functions. That’s why it has become one of the most needed wireless communication solutions.

Several network providers have already started to provide top-notch and tailored solutions to organizations and businesses by developing private cellular networks according to the requirements. MobileComm is one such cellular network provider that has ensured the best solution for private cellular networks to different organizations. The company has already handled a plethora of projects where professionals have implemented customized solutions to meet business requirements. The best part is that MobileComm offers excellent security to the users, ensuring they can use the network as per their requirements without worrying about being exposed to cybercrimes.

Furthermore, it offers a private network for 5G and LTE technologies, providing more flexibility to the clients in choosing different frequency bandwidths.