Why MobileComm?

We provide unmatched 5G services and accelerate your wireless network roll-out with our experts and ML tools.

Trusted by Mobile Operators Across the Globe

MobileComm is a global leader in wireless network deployment and installation services enabling network operators to deliver a superior customer experience.

Organizations around the world rely on our wireless network modernization experts, machine learning, and predictive analytics to accelerate deployment and mitigate risk. Our global center of excellence delivers unmatched 5G network design, implementation, and performance optimization solutions.

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MobileComm helps our customers by:

Providing accelerating wireless network deployment and installation services

A unique blend of in-depth customer wireless network knowledge, subject matter expertise, and in-house platform development capabilities make MobileComm an unmatched 5G solutions partner. Our network deployment and integration services are structured to address the immediate project scope, offer a heuristic understanding of the network, and leverage predictive analytics tools to guarantee efficient turnkey deployments. A solution built on a true partnership model, MobileComm services enable our customers to derive maximum benefits:

  • Near real-time analysis and visualization of network health and deployment progression
  • Reduced time to network launch by automation of periodic activities and reporting
  • Vendor agnostic project management suite that is shared between all stakeholders for optimal communication, management, and issue resolutions
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Leveraging wireless network modernization experts to provide superior intelligent solutions

A people-inspired organization, leveraging a technology training academy and global delivery center (GDC) subject matter expertise, MobileComm develops and delivers a comprehensive portfolio of 5G wireless network services and solutions.

  • Technology and OEM vendor product knowledge transfer
  • “Train the trainer” certification & qualification
  • 24x7 technical support with best practices standard operating procedures (SoP)
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Simplifying network operation services with automation, machine learning (ML), and predictive analytics software platforms

With the advancement of machine learning and data science, Mobilecomm’s services automation and analytics platforms have been developed to enable high-quality, cost-efficient, and innovative solutions to meet dynamic customer requirements. We provide an end-to-end and automated approach to site lifecycle management, data analytics, and network performance monitoring.

  • An efficient customizable multivendor predictive platform for optimal SLA management
  • Multi-technology, vendor agnostic analysis and reporting tool for network deployment management (KPI monitoring, scripting, and golden parameter audits)
  • A Platform for analytics benchmarking, QoS problem detection, meta-heuristic RF tuning, and traffic management
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Delivering a center of excellence with unmatched 5G network design, implementation, and performance optimization solutions

Over the past two decades, Mobilecomm has developed a detailed understanding of market requirements and excelled in providing its customers with topical services through its passion to be fully updated with technology advancements. By being at the forefront of emerging technologies, MobileComm has orchestrated ground-breaking 5G network roll-out service offerings, encompassing a plethora of solutions that cater to both need-based as well as turnkey models.

  • Solutions structured for 5G roll-out based on use-case requirements
  • Enable customers competitiveness by guaranteeing differentiated performance per service
  • Machine learning-based cell classification to enhance the network quality and performance

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